Rejoice Ladies, Microblading Is Halal According to Dar Al-Ifta

For decades, many Muslim women have frequently wished for two things: halal long-lasting nail polish and tattoos. Permeable nail polish has already made its worldwide debut a few years ago, where manufacturers claim water can reach women’s nails during the Islamic ritual washing known as wuduu. Now, the world presents us with a halal tattoo.

Dar Al-Ifta has published a series of frequently asked questions on their Youtube channel which included a question about tattoos being haram or halal. The answer was every woman’s dream.

If you plan on getting a permanent tattoo with ink injection, then the answer is no. However, a new tattooing procedure – known as microblading – is halal as pigments are injected on a more superficial layer of the skin and it is not permanent.

Ladies, it’s time for a microblading fiesta!

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