Reham Said Calls for Prayers and Support After Revealing Infection

By Heba Tallah Mohamed

In the recent episode of Sabaya Al Kheir, the host, Reham Said, declared that she’s suffering from a microbial infection in her face and pled for prayers from her viewers.

Said’s issues in recent years have been controversial considering the very negative reactions she’s been receiving. According to doctors, her condition is not yet stable and they still fear that she might face more complications later. It was decided to give Said intensive treatment until the infection is controlled and prevented from spreading to the rest of her body.

Doctors decided to put her under surveillance for two weeks. Also, all visits have been blocked as they said the disease is contagious. Said received the support of her friends and fans on social media.

Her friend, TV host Rania Amr, broke the silence and denied rumors claiming that Said had a microbe infection in her nose, and that there was fear that it might spread to her eyes and brain. She added that Said is receiving intensive treatment and if it doesn’t succeed, she will have to travel abroad.

Despite receiving messages of support from her fans online, her posts on Instagram requesting prayers and emotional support were met with criticism. Many have said that she is trying to use her disease as a tool of manipulation to gain more attention, while others viewed her disease as karma because of her past controversies.

According to doctors, Said must take a month-long break so she can receive the proper treatment as her disease can be potentially life-threatening.

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