Haitham Samir Wins Red Bull Car Park Drift


We all have to admit that the entertainment scene in Cairo and Egypt in general is pretty much limited to parties, occasional concerts and of course the Egyptian cinema that is deteriorating by year. Our people are not used to any other type of entertainment and to be honest, it’s about time they are subjected to something different.

Through the past years, Red Bull has successfully attempted to introduce a new, exotic taste to Egypt, giving the entertainment scene here “wings”. This year’s Red Bull Car Park Drift is one of the biggest examples. Picture this: roaring engines, professional drifters, cool music, a funny MC, red smoke and thousands of fans cheering!

This event is for a sport that is basically about pure drifting madness, one of the many crazy sports supported by Red Bull worldwide. The third edition that took place last Saturday was a lucky day for Haitham Samir who was crowned “The King of the Drift.”

HaithamSamir Action

With the best evaluation from the judges, Samir will be taking his exceptional drifting skills to the Regional Finals in Dubai where he will be proudly representing Egypt.

“Honestly, I never expected to win. My car was not ready up until 1:00 pm and yesterday I was using a different car. Thank God the car did a great job, I didn’t imagine it would turn out this way,” said Samir.


The whole show was amazingly put together by Samir along with Moataz Atef who seized the runner up title, followed by Rami Serry, the 2011 and 2012 champion. Each of the contestants showed off their wildest talents and were able to leave a crowd of thousands in utter astonishment.

“This year was so different than any other year. We have been preparing our cars for the past year and a half for the competition. Four days ago, all the cars broke down and we all had to change our cars. We didn’t sleep the four days before the competition, so thank God things went perfectly,” said Samir.

The judges of this year’s Red Bull Car Park Drift were Rally Champion Abdo Feghali, motorsport hero Captain Nasser Abu Heif, and Tarek Abdel Meguid with his great drifting and cars experience. Their evaluation was of course based on the contestants’ drifting skills and also the roars of the engines, smokes of the tires, the general look of the car and the cheering of the fans.

This year’s qualifiers included stops in Egypt, UAE, Jordan, Bahrain, KSA, Kuwait, Oman and Lebanon. So if you missed Car Park Drift 2013, you now know what’s happening next!


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