RedBull Fel Share3 Is Coming Back To Egypt Stronger Than Ever!

Via Redbull

Remember the day When Music United Everyone in Egypt, Well, It’s Happening Again! October 2016, Redbull organized one of the most epic festivals in Egypt, with a unique and exciting new concept; that united everyone around music! 10 of the most leading music artists in the Arab World performed at the same time in Cairo and Alexandria; RedBull Fel Share3! The day was perfectly executed, and hardcore fans showed why music is everything; with their passion and festive vibes.

Via Facebook

Redbull Egypt just dropped a major announcement that music fans in Om el Dunya were desperately waiting for, Redbull Fel Share3 is back! The festival will take place in April, but we’re still missing a lot of information; that Redbull promised to announce real soon.

WE SAID THIS: Let us know who’s your wishlist for this year’s line-up.