Red Bull Ser El King: Fans of Mohamed Mounir Are in for a Real Treat This Weekend!

Via Red Bull

Hands down, Mohamed Mounir has been at the forefront of the music scene in the Arab World for more than four decades. The Undisputed King has a very solid fanbase on a local, regional, and international level, and it’s only getting bigger. Red Bull is making sure that this fanbase lives their best lives with this stunning campaign, Ser El King!

The campaign is a great deal for this dedicated fanbase. Firstly, it has an extensive interview with Mounir talking to Omar Taher, and it’s distributed over several episodes. This means a lot to his fanbase, as the inspiring figure didn’t appear much in interviews throughout his long career. Moreover, the campaign asks his fans to solve a treasure hunt, and some lucky winners will get to travel to Aswan and attend a private concert for the King. As hardcore Mounir fans ourselves, we find this campaign super interesting and love that we got to see this living legend speaking his truths.

WE SAID THIS: Stay tuned for our coverage all the way from Aswan on the 6th of March!