For the Record: Cameron Crowe’s Roadies Premieres on Showtime


Around this time last week you were probably watching Grand Hotel, UEFA matches or the Game of Thrones finale. Unfortunately, that means you probably missed out on the series premiere of Showtime’s excellent new show Roadies.


The show follows a group of roadies on tour with the Staton-House Band, a fictional band with a strangely real-looking website [] and social media presence []. Luke Wilson and Carla Gugino play the band’s tour manager and production manager, and the first episode follows them and the backstage crew as they prepare for a show in New Orleans and deal with arising problems – disgruntled promoters, psycho stalkers, bratty offspring of the band members, and the arrival of a money manager sent to cut costs. It also features actual band The Head and The Heart as the opening act, with more musical guests anticipated in the rest of the season.


The show is directed by Cameron Crowe and produced by J.J. Abrams and Winnie Holzman (of My So Called Life fame), and the trailer features an Eddie Vedder song, so obviously I was hooked before I even saw a minute of it.



Episode 1 features songs by a refreshing range of artists, from Bob Dylan to The Ting Tings. Here are some of our favorites:



Bob Dylan: “Tangled Up In Blue”





Lion Babe ft. Childish Gambino: “Jump Hi”





Landon Pigg: “Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop”





Pearl Jam: “Given To Fly”






The Ting Tings: “Wrong Club”





WE SAID THIS: Roadies airs Sundays on Showtime.

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