Ras Sudr’s Kiteloop Demolished by the Authorities

Via Mousta Toukan
Via aishaalshabrawy — Kiteloop before the raid


Earlier this morning, pictures of a destroyed Kiteloop spread on social media like wildfire. An eye witness has told us that the Ras Sudr camp was demolished completely by the authorities.


The post reads: If anyone has a dream or a small project in Egypt that could potentially boost tourism, please forget it.


Social media users have taken to Facebook to voice out how they feel, and none of them were happy.


Via Mousta Toukan — Kiteloop after raid


The raid happened shortly after Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, launched a campaign against unauthorized trespassing on government-own lands.



WE SAID THIS: We have contacted the owner of Kiteloop and will update once we have any more news.