Ras Al-Khaimah Fine Arts Festival Brings Local and International Artists to the Forefront of UAE’s Art Scene

Friday, January 31st, marks the return of Ras Al-Khaimah Fine Arts Festival with more than a hundred artists from 33 different countries. The festival delves into different forms of arts and expression including photography, film, and other visual arts.

For the first time since its inaugural edition, the Ras Al-Khaimah Fine Arts Festival is introducing a central theme bringing in works that delve into the multi-facets of the theme. This year’s iteration has ‘Connected Communities’ as a theme, focusing on how local as well as regional communities are being redefined by globalization and the communication revolution.

The festival will unravel in RAK’s Al-Jazirah Al-Hamra or the Red Island, a town lying on the heritage-rich Arabian Gulf. The city has a historic village featuring a traditional market.

Award-winning photographer Kiliii Yuyan who is known for his pictures of the everyday life of indigenous people across the Arctic region. In his works, he focuses on age-old traditions, native communities, and a sense of identity away from colonial narratives.

Each year, Ras Al-Khaimah Fine Arts Festival funds a short film project relevant to the Gulf region and the UAE. For this edition, Emirati Director Hammad Abdullah Saghran is showcasing his 20-minute documentary ‘And What’s Next?’ were he focuses on the lives of retirees transitioning into the lifestyle of retiring.

Films from all over the MENA region will be displayed throughout the festival including works from Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia.

The art exhibition is bringing a number of veteran artists this year such as Anastasia Magni, Amani Al Mansoori, Karine Roche, Marina Roussou and Iswarya Rajeev.

A number of artists will also be providing workshops to help participants work on their skills. These range from paper collage, 3D paper roll, clay, acrylic, mosaic and jewelry making.

WE SAID THIS: Attendance is for free and if you want to know more about the schedule, click here.