Muslim Men Can ‘Sexually Enjoy’ Non-Muslim Female Captives, Al-Azhar Scholar Claims


An Al-Azhar professor and former dean of the school of Islamic Studies, Souad Saleh, took us all by surprise announcing that it’s a Muslim man’s right to “sexually enjoy” non-Muslim female captives in times of war.


Yes, we understand that’s what happened in the past, but Saleh said, by way of example, that if Egyptians battled with Israel right now and won, they [Egyptians] would have the right to hold Israeli women – or any (non-Muslim) female really – captive and “enjoy them.”


This broke into an uproar on social media and was vigorously ridiculed by many activists, especially historians, religious studies scholars and philosophers. They collectively questioned how we can condemn Daesh’s actions and philosophy as a whole, and then have an announcement like this come from the one (supposedly) credible minaret Muslims gather under.



WE SAID THIS: This is not the first time she breaks the Internet: Saleh is very well known for her controversial fatwas. Al-Azhar University is, however, still silent on the matter.