In Support of Women’s Empowerment, Rania ElKhatib Talks Leadership, Passion, and Work-Life Balance

Most working moms have a hard time juggling their responsibilities, between motherhood and work. With over 12.2k followers, Rania ElKhatib, who is currently based in Dubai, uses her platform to advocate for topics that other working moms go through, helping them succeed in a work-life balance. A few weeks ago, she began a video series where she addresses several topics, including working moms, prioritizing happiness in your life, becoming a female leader, finding your passion, among others.

Now more than ever, mental health is the most important aspect of our lives. So in her videos, she shares insights and tips that have been working for her, on how to manage time and find peace. Till today, she has shared nearly six interesting videos on IGTV; she gets inspired from her followers and comes up with the idea of her next video idea accordingly. Scroll down to watch her video series and let us know which one was the most relatable to you.

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