Ra Ra Riot’s Beta Love – An 80’s Style Pop Dream


Ra Ra Riot has finally released their most anticipated album yet. It’s the bands first release minus cellist Alexandra Lawn and the change is visible in almost every song on the album. The first time I listened to their first single Beta Love I could tell the band took a turn down the road of the 80’s synthesist pop group . With its upbeat tempo and energetic percussion set, you can tell from the start that you’re going to want to get up and dance. It’s easy to say that the band has officially reinvented itself, swapping strings for synths.

The first song, Dance With Me, sets the tone for the whole album. With lead singer Wes Miles asking us to “come dance with him” showing off the playful nature of the whole album, the listener automatically delves into a synthetic love affair. As the album continues, you hear the highlight of the listening experience (in my opinion), the best song. Angel, Please is by far, lyrically, the most adorable love plea I have heard from any indie song. The song not only has a unique way of telling the listener to stay with them, it’s bubbly beat make you literally not want to shut it off and brings you back for more.

Overall, with the band leaving it’s older rock style behind, it has been able to completely change its style. This may or may not affect them negatively with their fan base, however for me, it’s one of their best albums to date and I look forward to what they have to offer us in the future.


Recommended Tracks: Beta Love, Angel Please, Dance With Me

Beta Love:

Angel, Please: