Qatar Airways Plane Forced to Land After Wife Discovers Husband’s Affair

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Qatar Airways flight QR-962 had no option but to make an unscheduled landing in Chennai, India after an Iranian woman went ballistic when she discovered that her husband is a cheater.


The family was originally heading to Bali, Indonesia, for a vacation after staying in Doha but was offloaded in Chennai for their quarrel, an officer from India told the Hindustan Times. No information was provided by Qatar Airways so they could help protect its passengers’ confidentiality.


The woman used her sleeping husband’s fingerprint to unlock his phone, only to find out that he is having a secret affair. The woman automatically lost her temper, and the cabin crew’s efforts to calm her down were all for naught. The woman kept repeatedly hitting her husband, and made “such a ruckus” that the captain felt it was necessary to make an unscheduled landing, the Times of India said.



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