Put Your Finest Hiking Boots on Because the Sinai Trail Just Got Officially Recognized by the Ministry of Tourism!

Via Frits Meyst Photography - Meystphoto.com 

After a long wait, of almost five years, Egypt’s very first long-distance hiking trails, the Sinai Trail, is now officially recognized by the Ministry of Tourism. Co-Founder of the adrenaline-fueled project, Ben Hoffler, recently broke the news via a Facebook post and the Egyptian travel community went wild!

Via Frits Meyst Photography – Meystphoto.com 

“In the last few days, the trail was showcased as a pillar of Egypt’s new tourism offering to the world, alongside the Grand Egyptian Museum – GEM and the Red Sea, at the World Travel Market in London,” Hoffler stated. He then thanked the Minister of Tourism, Rania Al-Mashat, for believing in the project and Adventurer and Entrepreneur, Omar Samra, for his endless support and advocacy.

Via Frits Meyst Photography – Meystphoto.com 

The trail that began as a 220km route that takes 12 days to complete grew longer over the years. From three Bedouin tribes being involved to eight now, the trail has turned into a 550km one that takes 42 days to complete. The route that starts and ends at the Gulf of Aqaba, will take hikers on an epic adventure in the valleys and mountains of Sinai.

Via Frits Meyst Photography – Meystphoto.com 

The project will support the Bedouin communities by all sorts of job opportunities as tourism is considered one of their main sources of income. Not just that, but it will also help them in preserving their special tribal culture and raise awareness about it among visitors of the trail. Egypt offers an array of magnificent landscapes along its trails; nothing could really compare to the beauty of our land and the peace of mind that comes along the way. The Sinai Trail will be another stepping stone towards promoting tourism in Egypt and in Sinai in particular. With all the doubts revolving around safety, such a huge project will definitely shatter some stereotypes.

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