Pursue Your Dreams With Egypt’s Largest Insurance Company

While we all dream of achieving the impossible and reaching for the stars, we often worry about the hardships of getting so far ahead and reaching our goals. These dreams never come easy, so it’s perfect when we find that there’s an entity that will do all it can to ensure we can seamlessly achieve our objectives in life. In its latest ad, Misr Insurance company proves to every Egyptian, especially the country’s youth, that they can dream and achieve, with the help of their insurance company, because they’ve always got your back.

The video shows many examples of hardworking Egyptian youth, all striving for one goal: to make their dreams a reality. From artists and dancers, to sports enthusiasts, teachers, and bankers, Misr Insurance is encouraging them to follow their ambitions and it will always have their back. The positive vibes in the ad are the same positive vibes that you’ll experience with the company’s support, especially since it has the largest paid-up capital for property insurance companies in Egypt, amounting to EGP 5 billion.

With more than 100 branches across the country, three overseas branches, and countless online payment facilities, Misr Insurance offers insurance coverage to over 30,000 large corporate and SME companies. It’s Egypt’s largest insurance company, engaged in insurance and reinsurance operations in all lines of business of property, and casualty insurance. The company recently received “AAegy,” the highest rating that Fitch International grants to insurance companies and financial institutions in Egypt, while maintaining its B++  rating with a stable positive outlook from AM Best International.

In 2015, Misr Insurance was the first insurance company in the world to obtain the ISO 9001 certification. Misr Insurance is an Egyptian joint stock company affiliated with the “Ministry of Public Business Sector,” and one of Misr Insurance’s holding companies.

Regardless of what your dream might be, Misr Insurance company has got your back and will support you till you achieve it. So, what are you waiting for?

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