What You Probably Didn’t Know About Miss Ensherah from ‘El Nazer’

Al Tawil as Miss Ensherah. Via Melody Aflam


Once upon a time, there was a man called Tareq who used to feel like he was a stranger to his own body. He felt like he didn’t belong to the body that he was born into. After gathering a lot of courage, he decided to undergo an operation that would change him into a woman – the Egyptian star Hanan Al Tawil.


What Hanan Al Tawil used to look like before her transformation, according to El Youm El Gedid


Although Al Tawil was out and very open about her past, not a lot of people knew that Miss Ensherah from El Nazer was a transsexual actress. Not that the word transsexual defines who she is as a person whatsoever. I’m saying the word ‘transsexual’ because people need to know she was one, in a region where people like her usually get looked down upon, or worse…


Al Tawil in El Set Korea. Via Melody Aflam


You may wonder what has happened to her? What happened to her after starring in big movies such as El Nazer, El Set Korea and Askar Fel Mo’askar? Well, in 2004, Al Tawil was found dead in her home. While some said she simply had a heart attack, many speculated that she committed suicide. No one until this very day knows how, but doctors have said that most transgender people suffer from anxiety and depression, as a result of the discrimination and harassment they sometimes face in the region, which could all potentially lead to suicide.



WE SAID THIS: May you rest in peace, Al Tawil.