Princess Nourah Becomes First Saudi Female President of Sports Club

Another historical achievement for women in the kingdom. Princess Nourah becomes president of Italian football club Spoleto, making her the first Saudi female to lead a sports club. She told a press conference she chose football since it’s a family passion and Italian football specifically since it’s watched globally.

Via Arabnews

According to Arab News,  the princess’s choice was inspired by several factors. She said, “Spoleto is a small, amateur football organization where it is possible to work with the aim of growing and aiming for promotion. But we cannot fail to consider the value and beauty of the city of Spoleto, which is famous throughout the world.”  Under the princess’s presidency, the team is already making short and long term plans, starting with winning promotion to Serie C.

In the past two years, brave Saudi women have been undoubtedly making noise with their accomplishments. Women like Yasmeen Al Maimani, Reema Al Saud, and Aseel Al-Hamad amongst many more are setting the blue print for a new Saudi Arabia. The gender role shift is sending positive waves of encouragement to women all over the Middle East.

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