Potential Underdog Winners of the Men’s US Open 2020

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Therefore, with the tournament approaching, we figured we would take a look at some of the potential dark horses for the event. Check out our findings below. 

All the Dark Horses

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1- Gael Monfils

He’s athletic, he’s flashy, he’s insanely talented, and he’s a huge favorite with the fans – of course, it’s Gael Monfils. This Frenchman has always been one of the most talented on the tour, but many say that he has often underperformed given his ability. In the last 12-months or so. Monfils has been displaying signs that his tennis is starting to reach levels that many thought it could, meaning that he is an exciting prospect right now.

He has also made the semi-final of the US Open in the past, so it’s clearly a tournament that he enjoys playing, and one that he performs well at. We will definitely be keeping an eye on this guy at the US Open 2020 event. 

2- Matteo Berrettini

Matteo Berrettini is an Italian sensation that has been gracing us all with his huge serve and forehand in recent years. One of his best aspects is that he’s absolutely fearless out there on the court, which is why he’s been able to beat many of the top players in his career already. He showed to the world in 2019 that he is here to compete with the big guys, as he made it to the ATP Tour Finals for the first time.

Much like Monfils, Berrettini has put in some awesome performances at the US Open the past, and the faster courts that are found at Flushing Meadows certainly help his game. 

3- Nick Kyrgios

You can say what you like about Nick Kyrgios, but there will not be any tennis fans out there that dispute the talent that this guy has. Even some of the top players such as Federer and Nadal describe Krgios as one of the most talented guys on tour right now. Although he clearly does possess such ability, he has yet to really make a breakthrough at any Grand Slam event.

The good news for Kyrgios fans is that during the Australian Open this year, he was displaying signs of maturity and that he was starting to take his tennis career more seriously. If he keeps this up throughout the season, he could well pose a threat at the US Open. 

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