PLOT TWIST: Amr Diab Is Finally Old

Via Amr Diab


Oh my Diab!!! What is going on here? The man who defied the laws of nature, physics and biology for years is actually aging. Egypt’s biggest superstar, Amr Diab, has been able to defy age for decades. Everytime a photo of him surfaces online, he managed to look younger than the year before. Plastic surgeries or not, he is our very own Benjamin Button… that was until our jinxing game and 3ein el7asood (evil eye) caught up with him.



7aram 3aliko ya Masr, this photo just surfaced of Diab looking actually old and we don’t get it. He is still hot, don’t get us wrong, but aging. Seriously? Is that even a thing that can happen to Diab? The lyrics to Ana Mahma Kebert Soghyar are not real? This is the plot twist of the century.


Via Noon El-Chalkani



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