Picture of the Day: The Stunning View From Kafr El Sheikh’s Lake Burullus

Today’s picture of the day is a stunning shot of Lake Burullus in the village of Shakhloba in Kafr El Sheikh. The shot was taken several years ago by Abdelrahman Shaker, who recently reposted it on one of the most popular Facebook groups, Nomads, as a part of an ongoing competition in the group.

A quick look at Shaker’s Instagram led us to even more stunning pictures from this marvelous location! The pictures will make you long for the times when traveling was accessible, and remind you that there are countless magical destinations in Egypt that should be visited and explored.

Lake Burullus is a brackish water lake in the Nile Delta, Egypt, getting its name from the town of Burullus. It’s bordered by the Mediterranean Sea in the north and agricultural land to the south.

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