People You Encounter At A Movie Theatre

Watching a film is an experience; it is even more of an elaborate ritual once you go to see the film on the big screen. From the butter-sunk popcorn to the extremely large sodas, seeing a film at the movie theatre is not only a whole other experience than your couch and dark room but it also brings about a series of interesting people along for the ride. You cannot go to a movie without running into the clapper or the talker; here are eight types of people that you encounter at a film theatre that ruin film etiquette and constantly have you wondering, are they really watching the film?

The Spoiler

Picture this, you have paid nearly 100 Egyptian pounds just so you can sit next to someone who has seen the film already and for some reason seeks pleasure in spoiling every second of it. With no respect for the other people in the theatre, they keep babbling on about the plot as if they have some secret power knowing what’s going to happen even though it makes sense since obviously, they have gone through the notions of purchasing a ticket and sitting through the two hours, only they won’t let anyone forget it.

The Talker

There are two forms of the talker: the gregarious one who constantly feels the need to narrate their way alongside the film. Then there’s the one who feels like the most important person in the world and has to keep making phone calls until the credits roll. When you go to a movie, you are met with these two talkers and no matter what you do, they won’t shut up.

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The Flashlighter

Some people out there go to the movies to only lose things and they can’t wait until the film ends so they can find said items; they have to turn on every flashlight on every phone so they can locate their lost item. There’s also the person that keeps getting out of their seat and can’t find it in the dark and of course, has to turn on every flashlight to its brightest level so they can sit down. These people tend to ruin the ambiance of the film but they live with the mentality of it’s too late to quit now.

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The Laugher

No matter the genre of the film or the scene, there’s always that one person you meet or hear who laughs at moments from the film that isn’t remotely funny; they can even be tragic. My argument for these people is that they’re trying to get their money’s worth of the ticket they paid. But still, there are some moments when a viewer next to you laughs that are just downright creepy.

The Detective

In every film theater, there’s a detective. That one spectator who constantly aims to uncover the plot twist before it’s revealed. However, they cannot do so, in their heads, they have to announce it to the other people trying to watch the film. The irritating thing when it comes to these people is that they’re either wrong 90% of the time or they spit out the reveal at the same time it’s being uncovered on screen as if they have known all along.

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The Spiller

A film is never complete without the popcorn and soda, they complete the film ambiance; but there are viewers out there that can’t seem to be good multi-taskers. They are unable to aim for their mouth while watching a film. It’s like every scene is a jump scare for them; spilling left and right, they agitate the people next to them with the pool of popcorn being thrown in their lap.

The Seat Stealer

Did you really go to the movies, especially a Middle Eastern one, if you didn’t find someone sitting in your seat? That’s just part of the cinema etiquette that is found in our culture paired with the cinematic experience. The unashamed attitude is just part of what adds flavor to the film-going culture setting it apart from just making microwave popcorn and watching a film in front of the couch.

The Clapper

Similar to the person who claps once the plane lands, there’s that person that claps once the film ends. The clapper solidifies that the film has truly come to the end; when the clapper is around, having the credits roll is just not enough. While they may seem cringe, they bring about a somewhat endearing attitude to the atmosphere they create.

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