Passenger Gives Birth on Emirates Flight to Paris

Via Emirates
Via Emirates


Flying can cause enough anxiety as it is, but having a baby mid-flight?


Even if you planned for that — which no one does because it is just NOT supposed to happen — it’s a terrifying thought. An Emirates jet found itself with some extra precious cargo onboard after an expectant mother gave birth mid-flight.


Flight EK075, traveling from Dubai to Paris, had to divert to Cyprus Airport. The delivery of the baby caused quite a ruckus among staff at Larnaca International Airport in Cyprus where the mother and baby were medically evacuated from the flight and taken to the nearest hospital.


Via Emirates


“Emirates can confirm that a passenger traveling on-board Emirates flight EK075 gave birth en route from Dubai to Paris on 12 May 2017. We have supported the passenger during this period and her health and safety has of course been paramount,” said an Emirates spokesperson to Gulf News. “As a result, the flight was diverted to Larnaca International Airport. The aircraft was refueled and re-departed for Paris with a delay of approximately five hours.”


Emirates has also reported that the mother and her newborn child are healthy.



WE SAID THIS: You go, Emirates!

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