Palestinian Documentary “Kill Zone: Inside Gaza”: An Unflinching Raw Portrayal of Children’s Suffering

Across social media, we get to see the harrowing events taking place in Gaza but nothing has been more unfiltered than a documentary called “Kill Zone: Inside Gaza”. Every piece and part of the documentary gives a heart-wrenching portrayal of the genocide.

It was pieced together by 12 heroic Palestinian journalists who not only had to face the horrifying events but also document them. In their portrayal, they got to showcase the horror show in Gaza through the perspective of the kids, doctors, and themselves.

The Orphaned Children

One of the most difficult parts of the documentary is having to witness the lives of the orphaned children, young victims of the Israeli onslaught who lost their families because of the never-ending attacks.

In the documentary, you get to meet some of these children. One is a young boy who not only lost both his legs through repeated Israeli onslaughts but also his entire family.

In the documentary, we get to watch him continue his day-to-day life with his uncle, Ibrahim Abu Amsha, who is currently his sole caretaker. Then there are Lama and Sama Badwan, siblings wearing the same outfit, who, in an eerily calm tone, describe how their friends and neighbors were killed.

The Story Of Twin Brothers Salah & Khaled 

These twins were inseparable throughout their lives, and tragically, they remained so in death. They died together when an attack on their neighborhood left them and several of their family members buried under rubble.

That left only their brother Ali as the sole surviving member. In the documentary, he recounts how he had to recover their bodies and break the news of their loss to his gravely injured sister, Dalia, who is also a journalist.

These are just a few of the stories that were explored in this documentary, one that offers an unflinching testimony to the human suffering that all Gazans, especially children, are facing daily. You can tune into the full documentary on Apple TV.

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