Our Winter Nights Just Got a Whole Lot Funnier Thanks to Netflix and SNL Arabia’s Fourth Season

Via Egypt Independent

Binge watchers from across the region, rejoice! Netflix just added one of the most hilarious TV shows to its platform for some much-needed laughs. Yes, you read that right, Saturday Night Live bil 3araby can now be streamed on Netflix!

Via Netflix

SNL Arabia is the Arabic version of the long-running American TV show, Saturday Night Live. It’s a late-night comedy sketch show that features celebrities, parodies, and songs.

They added the fourth season, which is considered by most of the fans as the funniest one! The season contains episodes of some of the most popular celebrities in the Arab world, like Lebanese Singer Haifa Wehbe, Superstar Sherine Reda, Accomplished Actress Menna Shalaby, the Iconic Khaled El Nabawy, El Ostoora Mohamed Ramadan, and more!

WE SAID THIS: Can’t wait to binge-watch the whole!