Only On Israeli TV: Zionists Share Dreams Of Turning Gaza Into Nothing But Sand

Israeli commentators on Channel 14 Israeli news station expressed their anger towards Biden-Netanyahu talks saying that Israel will see its fall if it kept depending on America and that the talks with Biden are a waste of time. Moreover, their stance on how Gaza should be approached can be alarming for many.

Israeli TV Channel 14 has been airing some of the most fundamentalist talk since Hamas’ attack on Israel last October. The commentators speak of eradicating Gaza and going after other Muslim countries including Iran. The last of those talks took place on December 28, when two commentators expressed their anger towards the Biden-Netanyahu diplomatic talks and added: “I said it months ago and I will say it again, we should murder 150,000 [Palestinians] on the first day…now we are suggesting this when it is too late.” The other commentator joined him saying “We must demolish every house in Khan Younis…every building should be demolished, Gaza should be sand like the seashore.”

This is not the first time commentators or hosts have surprised the world with daring remarks that incite genocide in Gaza.

Last November, Israeli TV news anchor Shay Golden lost his temper on-air against Arabs, Muslims, Iranians, and the USA if necessary saying “We are coming to Gaza, we are coming to Lebanon, we will come to Iran…We will come everywhere.”

Moreover, this Zionist tone has also caused outrage recently when an Israeli official declared on the Radio that Gaza should resemble WWII Auschwitz, turning it into a desolate, infertile wasteland, after of course deporting its people to Lebanon.

Freedom of speech that incites mass killing of entire nations like the Arab and Muslim ones should do more than trigger outrage, such linguistic freedom is telling of a trauma that the Arab world is suffering its consequences. The question remains, where are the gigantic media outlets from such discourse, and would the case be different if Arabs responded with one equal in tone and message?

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