On the 13th Memory of His Departure, A Look Back at the Egyptian Legend, Ahmed Zaki


By: Amira Eid

Yesterday marks 13 years on the heart-wrenching death of the legendary actor. Ahmed Zaki passed away after a brave fight with lung cancer. As one of it’s leading pioneers, his death was a real loss for the Egyptian cinema industry. Zaki was born in Zagazig 1949, During his school years, his teachers encouraged him to work on his acting skills and develop his talent, which led him to become one of the most inspiring and influential actors that have a great role in shaping the history of Egyptian cinema.


Some of his movies are considered as a milestone in the Egyptian cinema, such as “Zoget Ragol Mohem”, “Ded El- Hekoma” and the magnificent “Shafee2a we Metwaly”, these movies showcase Zaki’s real talent that whenever you say his name they have to be mentioned.

When it comes to the Egyptian sense of humor, Zaki was the best actor that shows the Egyptian Identity which was proved in “Sawa2 al Hanem”, “Al Beeh al Bawab” and the very special one “Al Beeda Wel 7agar”, these movies really touched the Egyptian society and revealed their thoughts, believes, and sense of humor. The uniqueness of his talent allows him to portrait famous presidents in Egypt like “Ayam El- Sadat”, “Naser 56”, as well as Egyptian celebrities “7aleem” his efforts to act like the real personalities have been translated to the Egyptian minds and it was really impressive.

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His pure romantic soul has been obviously represented in one of the lightest smooth movies that really leaves you in a good mood “Ad7ak ll sora ttl3 7elwa” this movie really showed all kinds of love stages that man can ever have. Zaki’s talent didn’t limit his acting skills only in movies, as he participated in two of the most famous plays in Egypt’s History “Madaraset Al Mosha3’been” and “El 3yal Kebrt”. These plays were a great move towards a whole new level of Egyptian comedy that is still valid for today.

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On the other hand, he performed one of the remarkable series with the legendary “Soad Hosny” in “Hwa we Hya” the TV series that influenced people’s minds and have a great role in changing the image the Egyptian society had for women back then.

WE SAID THIS: May his soul rest in peace.