On Depression: Tameem Youness Speaks Out With Insights, Solutions, and More

Social media icon and leading creative behind some of the biggest campaigns in Egypt, Tameem Youness is arguably a very influential figure who has thousands of fans and followers. He’s known for being a comedian with video series like “Raseeny”, and a number of other songs, videos and campaigns. However, his latest two videos tackle a more serious issue, in a very real way; he’s talking about depression.

Love him or hate him, there is no doubt that Tameem’s videos have an impact on people and the way he spoke out on this sensitive topic will definitely change how many think about it. Tameem discussed how depression is perceived in the Arab world, and how some people avoid addressing this critical issue. He also talked about what can cause it and tackled different ways of coping with it. He made it clear more than once than one should seek mental help and stressed on the importance of our mental wellbeing.

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