Omicron Makes its Way to Saudi Arabia & UAE, Here Is How They Are Handling It

The COVID-19 heavily-mutated virus Omicron variant has spread in over 20 countries, and now it has reached the Middle East. One case was detected in Saudi Arabia, and another in the UAE. But have no fear, there’s a chance of getting a booster shot from Moderna by March.

Saudi Arabia’s report of an infected person with the Omicron variant is the first Middle Eastern case. The infected person was coming back from a North African country and they were placed in quarantine to prevent the spread of the virus, while the world works on understanding the variant. For extra precautionary measures, Saudi Arabia came to the decision that from February the 1st of next year, individuals older than 18 will be getting vaccinated for general safety.

The first case of the new variant was announced in the United Arab Emirates on December the 1st. It was a woman who traveled from an African country and transited through an Arab country. Matter of fact, she’s had both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine as well. Haven’t had understood the Omicron variant yet, she was put in isolation, along with anyone who had been in contact with her, by the public health authorities. Moreover, as the UAE has residents that come from over 200 countries, many people are expected to travel for the holidays. Thus, travel restrictions were implemented. Now travelling to the UK, India, the Philippines, UK, USA, Israel, Japan or Australia requires a variety of conditions; to be tested, vaccinated, or quarantined pre-travel or post-travel.

On the other hand, Moderna, the Vaccine maker, is working on a booster shot. The vaccine is being tested to attack the Omicron variant, to try to distribute the vaccine as soon as possible. Additionally, Moderna is also working on a multi-valent vaccine that has up to four coronavirus variants. Hopefully, people can get their hands on those shots soon, to prevent more infections and deadly symptoms.

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