This Omani Version of ‘Despacito’ Will Strike a Chord with Every Arab


Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yanki has taken the world by storm; add a little Justin Bieber to the mix and you get the song of the century. It has been remixed, parodied and even made into memes, yet it seems like there is always something more to do with the song.


Since the viral song has been getting attention all over the world, a young group of young Omanis have taken advantage of this and decided to create a cover that tackles issues faced by the young population in the country; from the high dowries to the bridal jewelry and the lavish ceremonies that they’re expected to pay for. These kinds of issues hinder the young men of Oman from getting married.



WE SAID THIS: We recommend every Arab to hear this cover since it hits particularly close to home.