#NoShaveNovember, the Arab Edition

Via BBC.

Over the last couple of years, many Arab men participated in “No-Shave November”, a yearly event, in which people are asked not to shave their hair. It is a nice opportunity to let your beard loose as well as your hair, yet the majority of us here know little about the cause behind the movement.

While October is breast cancer awareness month, November highlights men’s health awareness about various types of cancers such as testicular and prostate cancer. Two worldwide organizations started the no shaving tradition. The first, No-Shave November, encourages no facial hair shaving, while the second, Movember, asks participants to shave their beards but leave their mustaches.

The two organizations have been on the ground for more than a decade now, and together, they successfully raised millions in funds to support research and awareness projects.

In the Arab World, men let their beards grow in November but rarely does the topic of men’s health come into the conversation. It is time that we make the conversation more about cancer and less about the beard. The reason why men do not shave in ‘No-Shave November’ or just leave their stache in ‘Movember’ is that it is one great conversation starter, and if used properly, November can truly have an impact on men all around the region.

So, if you are participating in any of these two amazing causes, make sure to let people know about the true cause behind why you are letting your facial hair go off the rails. Also, you could ask your male co-workers and friends if they are taking their health seriously, have they went to the doctor to do a full-check up recently. All of these questions can make a difference.

If you happen to be posting on social media about your beard, make sure to include the hashtags #NoShaveNovember and #Movember. Perhaps, you could write something about men’s health to raise more awareness.

It is okay to grow your beard or mustache in November, but do not forget that it is part of a greater cause that many know little about. So, if you read this, it is your responsibility to bring the actual cause to the public.

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