NOLA Cupcakes Welcomes Ramadan with New Flavors



Egypt’s darling desert store NOLA Cupcakes, has been a staple in Egyptian homes since they parlayed onto the scene back in 2010. Ever since then walking into any 3ozooma with a NOLA box meant satisfied stomachs after fetar.


This year not only are the staple cupcakes available but a whole new range of desserts – cakes, cronuts and desert jars. The launch of the special menu offering is already in stores, which includes seven cakes, six sweet cups and seven cupcake varieties apart from the new date cronut.




The festive cake flavors are – Konafa Banana Francesca Bowl, Tornado Bowl, Konafa Nutella Twix Bowl, Konafa Manga, Konafa Nutella, Red Velvet Basbousa and Creamy Konafa.






Sweet Cups Flavors: Tornado, Konafa Nutella Twix, Konafa Banana Francesca, Red Velvet Basbousa, Lotus Crunch and Konafa Manga.






Cupcakes: Konafa Manga, Konafa Nutella, Red Velvet Basbousa, Amar El Din, 3eysh Saraya, Mars with Nougatine and Bala7 Cupcakes.




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