NOLA Cupcakes Opens Its Very First Store in Tanta

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Everyone’s favorite cupcake shop, NOLA, has opened not just in Mansoura, but now it has its own branch in Tanta. Yes, their delicious treats will be Tantawy people’s obsession. Even more so than Mohamed Mamdouh’s great acting in Grand Hotel. Ai walahy! We sit down with Co-Founder Adel Sedky to know how they’ve managed to pull this stunt!



As one half of the NOLA duo, that consistently strives to break barriers and take on new territories, what does this Tanta branch opening mean for you?


We are excited to tap into local markets and we truly believe in the opportunity in the Egyptian market. Also, we’re bringing international standards to new local markets and that is the core value of the brand.


As one of the founding partners, what does your role entail in the NOLA Empire?


Basically, I handle all the factory operations, working behind the scenes to make sure everything is set on plan.



It has become evident that the brand is moving away from being just a cupcakery, but turning itself into a full fledged bakery, has this change been difficult?


We consider this the fun part to take the challenge and change the customer’s’ perception, and this makes us work even harder on product development and discover new ways to communicate with customers.



Have your fans welcomed this change with open arms?


 Our customers trust the quality of our products, and know that we always strive to offer them the best of the worlds pleasures. NOLA is also a very innovative brand; always staying at the beat of life and flavours, and we are very happy to be receiving positive feedback from our customers for this change.



With Mansoura now up and running, what do you see as the pros and cons from leaving big cities like cairo and heading to other governerates?


We are still exploring the new local markets as we only opened Mansoura  just two weeks ago. We also opening in Sahel five years ago, and having a branch in Alexandria gave us a great push and confidence to explore other local markets as Tanta and Mansoura.



If you have one piece of advice for all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there, what would it be? 


Stay focused and do not let obstacles keep you off track.



How do they build their own empire?


Create your own value system and stay true to it.




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