Nillens and Marwa Fayed’s Toy Run


Ramadan has arrived and as usual this year, we all procrastinated and now are frantically preparing.

While many women run around the city stocking up for the holy month, moms are opening  up their summer homes for their kids’ holidays and booking their calendars for the many fitars and sohours they are invited to. In this busy time, we often forget one of the main purposes of this holiday, and that is to give back.

Nillens, one of Egypt’s homegrown brands which produces home accessories and lounge wear, has made it easier for you to get your necessities this Ramadan and also give back. For the launch of their new store at the Diplomacien compound in Sahel, Nillens will be selling their Ramadan galabeyas, towel gift sets and summer home accessories while partnering up with Marwa Fayed’s Toy Run. Basically, with every purchase made at Nillens Diplomacien store, a toy will be donated to an orphaned child by Marwa Fayed’s Toy Run.

What is even better is that these toys are made by underprivileged women from the Zabaleen community, giving these women a source of income to support their families. So while you get to buy your Ramadan lounge wear, your summer home accessories, or gift sets for your many Ramadan invites, an orphaned child gets to play with a new toy. This initiative aims to help you shop, empowers women to create, and orphaned children to joyfully play.

To take part, visit the Nillens store this summer at the Diplomaceen Gate in Sahel starting July 8th 2014.


WE SAID THIS: Shopping and giving back – two initiatives we definitely support!

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