Why The Nile Co. Isn’t Just Your Typical Tile Master?

Via The Nile & Co.


No matter where you look or turn in Egypt, you are probably going to make eye contact with a building, street, or even hotel that is at the very least more than two centuries old.



This hunt for history is not merely a hunt for something old, ancient, and forgotten. It is also a hunt for innovation, for those moments of historical breakthroughs, for those few seconds that enhanced human progress. And, when it comes to Egyptian history, those moments are plenty sufficient.





The Nile Co. is no exception to this general rule of innovative historicity, that dominates and saturates Egypt’s near and ancient past. Not only is The Nile Co. no exception to this innovative past, it is also home to the picturesque beauty that exists everywhere in Egypt.



This is what has both historically and modernly made The Nile Co. a near and dear favorite to a plethora of the largest and oldest banks, restaurants, hospitals, hotels and even educational institutions.



Indeed, The Nile Co.’s resilience is further made evident by the fact that it was founded in 1942 by pioneering Egyptian Industrialist Ibrahim Abdel Hafez, and The Nile Co. still stands today as one of the largest cement tile tycoons in Egypt.


We should not be surprised by the Nile Co.’s resilience, and domination of the cement tile market, ever since its founding in 1942.  This is because the primary and key concern by the original founder, and by the generations of managements that followed, were two words ‘quantity’ and ‘quality’, without one outweighing the other in importance.



Again, this high standard of quality is simply ‘business as usual’ for The Nile Co., as made evident by the fact that from their very first year in the ‘40s, they were looking to elevate the tile manufacturing and production market in Egypt.


In the 1930s & 40s, the Nile Co. was the first to import brick and tile manufacturing machinery, revolutionizing the industry in Egypt which – until that time – had exclusively relied on manual production.


The Nile Co.’s factory not only became the first of its kind in Egypt, and the Middle East, when it came to the production of cement tile products; it also quickly became the first to imaginatively tune Italian machinery to the treatment of local Egyptian raw materials.



Throughout the 1950s & 60s the Nile Co., with the help and supervision of a team of Italian engineers and the Ministry of Industry, The Nile Co. revolutionized the Egyptian tile industry by breaking records in quality standards and production capacities.


Its commitment to quality and on-time delivery ensured that the Nile Co. would be the go – to cement tile supplier, when it came to numerous large-scale national mega-projects.


Consider, for example, the fact that The Nile Co. is have been the main supplier for prestigious national projects such as the Cairo Opera House (25,000 sq.m. in 15 days), the Cairo Metro’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Lines, Egypt’s national railway lines running from Cairo to Aswan, the re-developed Alexandria Corniche, and several presidential palaces.


The Nile Co. has also been the prime supplier of cement tiles for restaurants like Zooba and Sequoia, for prestigious educational institutions like the American University in Cairo and Cairo University, and for hospitals like El Kasr El Aini and Demerdash.



The Nile Co. was truly able to prove that one can retain high standards of craftsmanship, artistry, and originality, whilst working under the pressures of an ever – changing economic and social atmosphere. This is sincerely why The Nile Co. is more than our typical tile master.



WE SAID THIS: For more information on The Nile Co. please visit www.thenileco.com, or pass by their Zamalek showroom located at 6 Salah El Din Street. 

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