New Year, New Adventures: Budget-Friendly Getaways To Local Egyptian Destinations In 2024

New Year’s Day is tomorrow and for many of us, we still don’t know where to go or have a plan in mind on how to spend it. If you are on a budget and craving a quick trip to mark the end of the year, you don’t have to travel far as Egypt boasts some beautiful local spots that will make for a unique New Year’s experience. Whether a solo or family trip by car, these are Egypt’s local gems that deserve a visit to celebrate 2024.

Ras Sedr

Boasting amazing weather all year round, this southern below-the-radar resort has it all, from turquoise blue waters perfect for snorkeling and diving to the Moses Springs known as the freshwater springs named after the oasis from which 12 springs of water erupted for Prophet Moses. Also for the adrenaline-rush junkies and adventure seekers, there’s Moon Beach Wind Surfing Camp which offers intensive windsurfing classes. For your stay, we recommend heading to Mousa Coast Chalets & Villas and booking a two-bedroom chalet that can take a family of four for the affordable price of 1000 EGP per night.


Not many pick Taba as their destination during trips and occasions with resorts like Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada taking precedence yet it deserves its own level of hype. It is known as one of the most beautiful natural sites in South Sinai as it boasts a panoramic view of the crystal waters of the Red Sea hugged by the surrounding mountains. It also boasts a large sandy desert, freshwater springs and amazing wildlife of over 25 species of mammals. For history buffs, one of the most famous Taba attractions is Pharaoh’s Island which features the Saladin Castle. To experience all that Taba has to offer, we recommend booking a stay at Strand Beach Resort for 2000 EGP a night.

Ras Mohamed

Boasting one of the most famous dive sites around the world with the most stunning coral reef, this local Egyptian spot draws in natural lovers from across the globe. Along with its underwater life, the nature reserve is also home to massive mangrove forests, lagoons, seagrass beds as well as various species of fish and bird. Visiting Ras Mohamed means embarking on snorkeling trips as well as taking a day trip to see the mangroves. It’s a completely different experience from the hustle and bustle of city life. To get up close and personal with nature, book a unique stay at Blend in Nature Camp which is a sustainable beachfront campground with scenic sea views. At an average of 1400 EGP per person, enjoy the experience of sleeping in a tent below a sky dotted with stars.

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Ras Shitan

Another picturesque escape from the city this New Year’s is Ras Shitan, a massive Bedouin camp in the north of Nuweiba. A six-hour drive away from Cairo, visiting Ras Shitan means indulging in the beauty of nature and meditation. Beyond relaxation, you can dive into its waters and explore its underwater canyons, caves, plateaus and corals. When it comes to accommodation, Ras Shitan offers everything from tents on the sand to huts on the hills and cabins on the sea. Compared to all the other destinations, Ras Shitan boasts the most affordable prices. We recommend staying at New Moon Camp which would cost about 1000 EGP per night. This camp has a lot, from the common area, and the friendly staff to the proximity to the Red Sea. Don’t forget to indulge in their Bedouin breakfast that includes eggs, bedouin bread, butter and fries.


Only 3 hours away from Cairo by car, the coastal city of Alexandria is a great go-to option for a special New Year’s getaway. There is so much to do for every kind of traveler; whether it’s the history buffs who can check out the royal jewelry displayed at the former palace of Princess Fatma Al-Zahra’ or bookworms who can walk among 8 million books housed within the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Then there are the foodies who can indulge in a seafood feast at Aroos El Bahr or a street food escapade at Kebdit El Falah. If all these activities float your boat, then book a stay at the Plaza Hotel Alexandria for an average stay of 2000 EGP a night.


At the southern tip of Egypt, sitting on the Nile River is the beautiful Nubia, home to colorful Nubian villages sprawled across the banks of the Nile River. This is the destination to hit up for a taste of the lively culture experienced by the Nubian people. One of the best experiences to try out is to journey through the Nile in a Nubian Felucca and along the way you’ll get to witness the picturesque villages and lively locals. One of the coolest places you can stay at is Bayt Zaina, a Nubian hospitality house that sits right in front of the Nile River, surrounded by palm trees and offers rooms for as affordable as 1000 EGP a night.

For many, New Year’s is all about going all out and splurging on a big trip but with these local spots, you’ll get to change scenery and experience Egypt in a new way while staying on budget.

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