This New Sitcom Follows the Lives of Saudi Students in America, and We Love It

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A new type of sitcom is being aired on MBC that goes by the name of Cut. Directed by Osama Alkhurayji, the sitcom tells the story of five diverse Saudi students consisting of males, females, conservatives and liberals who are struggling to pursue film-making in the States.


Cut, indeed, has been gaining a lot of popularity as it targets Saudis students, fresh graduates, cinema buffs and/or immigrants striving to make it in a foreign land. What makes the plot intriguing is the fact that these students are trying to pursue cinema while being from a country that has no place for it.


via arabianbusines


The sitcom has been trending widely among Saudi Twitter users. “It delves into the issue of cultural identity and family affairs and of course, there is also a touch of romance,” Fahad Al-Butairi, a renowned Saudi comic actor, told Arab News. “The show presents a diverse spectrum of interactions between different cultures. It sets the tone of Saudi cultural identity in the context of globalization,” he added.



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