New German Baby Gender Registration Law


Germany has become the first European country to allow babies that are born with the characteristics of both male and female to be registered as neither male nor female.

Come again!

Apparently, a new law has led parents to actually have the option to leave the gender description blank on birth certificates.

With one out of 2,000 people who face indeterminate sex, this law is made to help ease the pressure on parents who have a hard time putting their children through surgery, let alone making the decision itself.

“We want people to be left alone, especially when they can’t even express themselves because they are so young. We have to ensure that no more babies and young children are subject to sex change. The law will also change how we are perceived. Before we were just seen as ill.”- Andrea Budzinski, president of the German Transgender and Intersex Society

How will this law effect marriages in Germany? Guess we have to wait and find out.

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