New Egyptian Consumer Protection Law; EGP 2 Million Fine for Any Product Owner Using ‘Inbox’ for Prices

By Nour El-Miligi

Don’t you find it extremely annoying when you ask for a product price online in the comments section, only to be given the infuriating reply of “check your inbox”? Why on earth are we supposed to privately contact the brand to find out how much the product is worth? Just imagine how much easier life would be if they simply included the price with the product. Is it too much to ask for?

Well, finally our screams for help have been heard. This might sound trivial for some, but for those who do most of their purchases online, what we’re about to say is life-changing. Finally, Dr. Ahmed Samir, President of the Consumer Protection Agency, said that the “181 law” of 2018, requires any entity offering any kind of product to clearly state the cost because that is the right of the consumer.

Whether the advertiser is a company or an institution, and whether the advertisement is electronic or through any other means, a fine might be applied as Dr. Samir stated. The fine will range from 10,000 to 1 million Egyptian pounds and in case of repeating the violation, the fine might reach up to 2 million! 

He further clarified that 12 major commercial companies were monitored, and were called upon to attend next Tuesday’s meeting where the new law and consequences of its violation will be thoroughly addressed, with a lead time of 48 hours to respond and implement the newly introduced decision.

In fact, the Consumer Protection Agency is currently putting in a fair amount of effort in an attempt to raise awareness of consumer rights as well as those of producers to create a favorable environment for both parties to know where they stand in terms of duties and rights. This will take place in parallel with intensifying control campaigns on markets to ensure no attempts at manipulation are taking place, and this includes sending prices via private message. 

A fine of 1 million was already applied on a car company in addition to the imprisonment of the Chairman of the Board of Directors after receiving a complaint of a defect in one of the cars sold to a citizen while obliging the company to return the value of the car to the buyer.

We shouldn’t turn a blind eye to the progress Egypt has been witnessing in different aspects of daily life, despite the difficulties faced by the country. With the Consumer Protection Agency taking care of everything, even on social media platforms, we are now sure that not all heroes wear capes indeed! 

WE SAID THIS: No, prices are not for our inbox!