New Cairo’s Latest Meeting Point? Saudi Egyptian Developers Launch Central, A Multi-Purpose Destination

Founded in 1975, in a joint partnership between Saudi and Egyptian governments, Saudi Egyptian Developers was born with the intention of creating breakthrough destinations that add value through innovative solutions and strategies. With the company delivering over 24,000 housing units, their latest project is an exciting mixed-use experience. Here’s all you need to know about their upcoming multi-purpose destination.

Saudi Egyptian Developers’ latest luxurious project, ‘Central’ is making its way to New Cairo. The unprecedented, multipurpose destination is changing the business and commercial scene. Through its mixed-use development that perfectly captures the dynamic city of Cairo while simultaneously offering great spaces; Central curates a diverse luxurious experience.

Whether you’re on the hunt for office space, a coffee shop for a much-needed caffeine boost, or a family-friendly venue, Central connects all spaces together.

The project is built on 21 acres of land, including 10 buildings with unique architectural designs by WATG, “a world-renowned architectural firm” that lives up to the business, retail, Food & Beverage, and entertainment standards.

Central is the only project connecting North and South 90 streets, at the intersection of Mohamed Naguib Axis.

Totaling up to a 14 billion EGP investments, with delivery following four years.

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