Netflix’s Messiah Sparks Cross-Cultural Conversations on Social Media!

Via Forbes

Streaming services have been seriously upping their game when it comes to original content! One of the platforms that are leading this movement is definitely Netflix. In the last month alone, they released several groundbreaking original series that garnered all the attention of the media and binge-watchers alike, like The Witcher, You, and Messiah!

However, Messiah got a very different kind of attention and sparked a great many conversations! The series is challenging and thought-provoking in every way possible; creating a space for conflicting theories and debates.

It follows the story of a charismatic figure that immensely influences the lives of people around him everywhere he goes. Some people think that he’s a divine figure that can do miracles and view him as the Messiah and the savior, while others think that he’s a con artist and a cultural terrorist.

The character doesn’t only create that controversy inside the show, but in real life as well. Since the release of the series, it has become a topic that people share and have very conflicting views on it. Some view it as a masterpiece while others claim it’s trying to brainwash them.

The 10-episode series, that definitely will be getting a second season, has so many topics that can be interpreted and symbologies that can be understood differently.

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