Netflix’s ‘Alf Hala’a we Hala’a” Series Is the Most Entertaining Thing This Ramadan So Far!

So let’s be honest for a second, since it’s the holy month and all. We’re all heading towards Netflix. The only competition they ever had was OSN and now after they nearly doubled their packages’ rates, we’re all literally going to Netflix. And if I had a tiny doubt in the back of my mind about going to the land of chill, this Ramadan series just closed the deal.

Ramadan is upon us and so are hundreds of tv shows and series. The last thing we expected from Netflix is that they go all Ramadan on us and air a series on their social media platforms titled Alf Hala’a we Hala’a starring Sarrah Abdel Rahman playing the one and only Sharazad. Will we be witnessing a longer version of the series on the Netflix platform? We sure do hope!

Written by the brilliant Bakri Kabakibi, the series is an Alf Leila We Leila parody, where Shahrazad hilariously narrates famous Netflix shows such as Narcos to Shahrayar à la Sherihan style in formal Arabic. Bakri’s voice over is just the cherry on top with his effortless humor.

Who would ever imagine 13 reasons why could turn into El-Nadaha legend. I have no idea how this was even possible when I hardly get through an entire Arabic mail without any typos.

Here are the first four episodes:

WE SAID THIS: Shahrayar, welcome to your tape.

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