The Top Four Spanish Football Teams Are Coming To Saudi For The Super Cup

The Spanish Super Cup will be sponsored by NEOM and The Red Sea Development Company, according to the Kingdom’s Ministry of Sport, which confirmed the sponsorship on Wednesday. Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid, the La Liga champions and runners-up, and Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao, the Copa del Rey winners and runners-up, are the four clubs competing in the tournament.

The cup, which is being held in Saudi Arabia for the second time will be from January 12 to 16 and is going to have those two firms as its main sponsors.

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Two years after it was hosted in Jeddah, the Super Cup is returning to Saudi Arabia, this time in the capital city of Riyadh. The semi-final match between Real Madrid and Barcelona will take place next month, marking the first time “El Clasico” will be played in the Kingdom. Real Madrid fans will be hoping for a repeat of last October’s 2-1 triumph over Barcelona at the Camp Nou, which they won last year.

This is all part of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision, which intends to promote a variety of elements of Saudi society, including sports. In addition, sports tourism is an important topic on which the Saudi government is focusing its efforts in order to promote sports in general in society and to encourage and inspire more Saudi athletes to pursue their dreams and passions.

The four teams competing in the Super Cup comprise some of the biggest names in football, and it should be a fascinating match between long-time rivals who have competed graciously in La Liga. These are the types of matches that bring football fans together to cheer on their favorite teams and see some fantastic football that we will all be waiting!

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