National Projects Puts Egypt Globally in the 28th Place for Road Quality Improvement

Egypt’s road quality is greatly improving, and new roads are being built that will be more convenient and efficient for its citizens, thanks to more projects that are enhancing Egypt’s infrastructure. As a result of national road initiatives, Egypt’s rating in worldwide road quality rose from 118th to 28th, according to Head of Engineers Syndicate, Hani Dahi.

The National Road Network was established in 2014 as part of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s initiative, it focused to build 3,300 km of new roads at a cost of approximately £36 billion. Furthermore, this project is regarded as one of the most significant achievements in Egyptian road history, as it aims to achieve sustainable development by integrating this network with existing railway and river transport networks, as well as creating logistics areas to achieve a sustainable transportation system.

According to Egypt Today, Dahi claims that the network has grown and different modes of transportation have been introduced over the last seven years, including three new metro lines, an electric train that connects to the New Administrative Capital, passing through the El Obour and El Shorouk areas and up to the Administrative Capital, and the Monorail.

This is a significant step forward for Egypt, as new roads and modes of transportation are being introduced to make a difference and bring stability to our community. This is tremendously useful to the economy because it requires stable infrastructure to connect supply chains and move products and services across borders efficiently. Infrastructure also connects households throughout urban areas to higher-quality employment, healthcare, and education options.