The Myth of E-Cigarettes in Quitting Smoking


Since their introduction to the global market almost ten years ago, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes or e-cigs) have become some of the most controversial health gadgets to appear in the past decade.

In a paper published online earlier this week in JAMA Internal Medicine, a group of scientists from UCSF performed a longitudinal study that disproves the claims of manufacturers and advertisers that e-cigs help in quitting smoking.

So what are e-cigs?

They are battery operated cigarette-shaped devices that contain an atomizer that heats up a replaceable cartridge containing liquid nicotine, producing vapor. Various manufacturers produce different versions – even an electronic hookah (shisha) is available now and they’re gaining popularity worldwide, including in our societies, as a safe alternative to smoking and a possible means to quitting and, to be more honest, it is becoming a fashion trend, with more and more companies such as naked100 creating exciting and tasteful new flavors regularly this will more than likely continue to be the case. Quitting may not be easy, but it is not impossible. With alternative methods like using a vaporizer, nicotine patches or herbal cigarettes, hopefully anyone who considers giving up this habit will become a non smoker sooner than you think! There are a large variety of vaporizers to choose from for those who are looking to buy top of the line vaporizers to support their efforts to quit smoking.

shishaSmoking is a major health concern in the Middle East and North Africa. In 2009, the WHO alongside the MOH in Egypt declared that almost 20% of the population smokes. That is a scary number considering the risks associated with smoking, including Ischemic heart diseases, cancer and other morbidities leading to death.

Unfortunately, we seem to lack enough awareness about the spectrum of the problem as individuals. Health care professionals lack the appropriate discipline and we definitely lack the effective government legislation.

Apparently, scary photos of diseased organs on cigarette packs and upping taxes are not helping. On the contrary, they’re leading to a black market of smuggled cigarettes of unknown origins, creating a much bigger problem.

So are e-cigarettes an alternative?

It hardly seems like it. In addition to the newly published study, the New York Times has issued warnings of the possible dangers of liquid nicotine used for refilling e-cigarettes.

So what should you do with your e-cig?

First of all, if you’re a smoker looking for a way to quit smoking, know that smoking is a form of addiction, albeit a socially acceptable one. Nicotine dependence and psychological distress are the most common causes of failure in smoking cessation, so you need the help and support of your close friends, family and co-workers.


Here are some tips to help you quit smoking altogether, even electronically:

  • Realize why you want to quit smoking and stick to your reasons. They’re your motivators. Make it personal and include close friends and family with you for the psychological support you need.
  • Start slow. Opt to lessen your daily consumption and fight your cravings as much as you can. Remember that your brain keeps sending messages of need, but these can be tamed.
  • Use alternative nicotine gums or patches, but don’t mix them with smoking
  • Avoid triggering environments, whether stressful or social gatherings that surface the urge to smoke
  • Exercise! Go for a walk or a quick jog. Aerobic exercise releases your natural endorphins that help with suppressing your cravings for a cigarette.
  • Never give up!

Try these tips for quitting smoking and if you find it difficult, consult a specialist.

WE SAID THIS: Good luck!