Muslim Rappers Change “Take me to Havana” Song Into “Take Me To Madina”

We have so many mixed feelings and questions right now. We just listened to the biggest tune of last summer converting to Islam and it’s very strange to say the least. Deen Squad, a group created by two Canadian Muslim rappers, Karter Zaher and Jae Deen, have been known for giving some of the biggest commercial hits a ‘Halal Remix’ as they call it.

Deen Squad’s latest creation was singing an islamic rendition of Camila Cabello’s song Havana. The catchy lyrics turned from “Take me to Havana” into “Take me to Madina”. We don’t know how to feel about this but maybe creating some original tunes would be better for their career than Islamic twists to big hits.

WE SAID THIS: Are you feeling this song or na na naaah?