Mountain View’s Latest Offering Will Change the Way You See Apartments

Via Mountain View

Another day, another way for Mountain View to up their game. Their latest offering, iCity, is constantly making sure it exceeds the expectations of everyone, and what they’ve just did — like right now — confirms this statement. After all the buzz that was created around their iVilla and C-Villa, Mountain View’s iCity just introduced iApartment, and it’s simply everything.


Via Mountain View


Before tackling the reasons why iApartment is redefining apartments as we know them; let’s remember how the 4D interface of iCity is an innovation in the world of real estate. Firstly, the design of the interface removes any contact between vehicles and humans; in other words, iCity is as safe and user-friendly as we could expect from a Mountain View mega project.


This won’t only guarantee a safer environment, but also a pollution-free one. The state-of-the-art 4D architecture will create the heaven on earth you (and Lana Del Rey) long for, by weaving four master plans into one; a master plan for the Islands, one for the iDrive, another for the Corniche and a fourth for the parks.


Back to iApartment; the project that literally responds to everyday needs and aims to create a world of choices. Now, let’s break down this statement. iApartment lets you customize the configuration of your apartment, view, and outdoor extensions. You just can’t imagine the number of options you can consider in the combinations of customizations you can make.


For the configurations, you can choose between different areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, luxury items, housekeepers’ quarters and in-house laundry rooms. You can also choose between different views; from 360 view, park view, park front, all the way to a court view; all based on what will fit your preferences the most. You can also choose whether or not you want a roof, garden, and/or  a terrace.



WE SAID THIS: Oh, and there’s more. Think security and luxurious features like garbage chute systems, smart firefighting systems, 24/7 surveillance cameras, in home storage, private underground storage, and private entrances to buildings.