This Mother’s Day Video Will Make You Want to Apologize and Hug Your Mother Right NOW

Whether you want to admit it or not, you must have shouted at your mother’s face at some point in your life (if you never have, we salute you). A new video has taken over the Egyptian Internet and it will guilt trip you about exactly that.



28-year-old writer and director Mariam Abdel-Gaber made a video for Mother’s Day that starts with every possible scenario that could ruin anyone’s day, and ends with the message of, “shouting at your mother is even worse.” We’re not going to lie, but by the end of the video, you won’t feel very nice, but it’s more of a bittersweet kind of feeling. You’ll want to call your mother, tell her you’re sorry for that one time (or countless times) you’ve shouted at her and ask her to forgive you, and you should.



WE SAID THIS: Go hug your mothers and stop being ungrateful sons and daughters! Thank you Abdel-Gaber, as well as everyone that helped you create this video.