Mortada Mansour Accuses Maya Diab of Being a Man

Egypt’s favorite madman, Mortada Mansour, is at it again with his shocking statements and this time he is targeting Lebanon’s superstar, Maya Diab. Earlier this year, Diab was a guest on Mosar7a 7orra show and addressed the chairman of Zamalek SC’s attacks and how she gave zero effs on what he thought of the way she dressed, adding that she only fears God.


Fast forward nine months and Mansour is biting back. TV host Raghda Shahloub just had to go there and ask him about his feud with Diab, and his reply was equally hilarious and meaningless, basically something only Mansour would think of. First, he accuses her of being a transsexual, saying she was probably a man who went under the knife, then he added “God will have a special place for her in hell.”



If you thought that was it, watch the video below where Mansour says Diab has ‘goat legs”




WE SAID THIS: Can we already call him the Egyptian Donald Trump already?


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