Moroccan TV Airs Makeup Tips for Hiding Domestic Violence and It’s NOT Okay

Via Gulf News
Via Gulf News


Few days ago a Moroccan television station celebrated the International Day of the Elimination of Violence Against Women by presenting a makeup tutorial on how to cover up bruises. The video caused outrage and was redeemed offensive for normalizing domestic abuse. It’s not the first time that women victims are met with this treatment in the Arab world. Society tends to blame women victims instead of attacking the actual offenders.


The real problem is that Morocco doesn’t recognize domestic violence as a crime, so women not only take the beating, but are also expected to cover it up. Although the video has been removed and the channel apologized to the public, women rights enthusiasts are still concerned that the media is instilling wrong values in women’s lives.


The funny thing is that the makeup artists did the tutorial in a way that showed how lightly she took the topic. They talked about as if it was a tuna mayo sandwich recipe. Wake the hell up, people. This is really offensive and it’s time to stop accepting such nonsense. It’s time to start speaking up against violence instead of covering it up.



WE SAID THIS: We haven’t added the video to the article out of respect.