The Moon Is Putting on a Magnificent Light Show This Month and Here’s Where You Could Watch It

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Brace yourselves people, the moon is set to put on a magnificent light show on the 31st of January. There are several astronomical phenomenons happening all on the same day; it’s not just a normal full moon, but a supermoon/blue moon. Not just that, but there’s even a total lunar eclipse on the exact same day.

For those of you who don’t know what exactly a supermoon is or have never witnessed one, you’d better start paying attention. The moon makes an elliptical orbit around Earth once every 27 days and is usually around 238,000 miles away from the planet. However, it gets much closer from time to time as it doesn’t orbit around the planet in a perfect circle. Since the phenomenon coincides with a full moon, the supermoon this time is expected to appear bigger and brighter than ever. As this is is the second full moon in the month, it is often referred to as a blue moon. It’s also the last of two supermoons for 2018; the first one was on the second of January. That’s why you shouldn’t miss this wonderful phenomenon. 

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As for the the total lunar eclipse, it occurs when the moon completely passes through the Earth’s dark shadow. This will cause it to get darker a bit by bit, turning into a blood red color. Unfortunately, not all Arabs will be able to see this phenomenon. According to NASA’s map, the eclipse will be visible throughout most western North America, eastern Asia, the Pacific Ocean and Australia. So if you won’t be at any of these locations, then you’ll be able to see it at moonrise only. However, this is only possible for the Middle East and Egypt. For the rest of the North African countries, hard luck!

Now, you’d better look for an old pair of binoculars or your dad’s old telescope and buckle up because we’re here for you with the best locations where you can spot enjoy the light show.

Egypt – Blue Lagoon

Ignore the cliché Mokattam in Cairo. You’d be much luckier if you’re currently in the beautiful desert of Sinai, especially if in Dahab. There’s no better spot than the Blue Lagoon. 

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UAE – Al Katim Desert

This is not just one of the most magnificent spots for stargazing and watching astronomical phenomenons, but also for camping. Plus, it’s only an hour ride from Abu Dhabi and almost a couple of hours away from Dubai.

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 Lebanon – Cedars Ground Campsite in Shouf

This camping spot is located in one of the largest nature reserves in Lebanon; Shouf Biosphere Reserve. The wonderful cedar forest is also a great place for hiking; so you’ve got yourself three fun activities rather than just one!

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Jordan – Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is also known as Wadi Al Qamar; do you think this is a coincidence? No wonder why this is one of the most popular destinations among tourists in Jordan.


Saudi Arabia – Moon Valley

Seems like there’s another moon valley in the region!

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WE SAID THIS: Don’t forget to bring heavy clothing to stay warm, it’s gonna be cold outside!