Mommy Diaries: Silly Goose


Words like “just” and “really” are part of our everyday vocabulary. We don’t really think about them or when to use them, we just do.

Well, that was until L Boogie used them for the first time and floored me.
Mommy if you could go faster that would be just great. 
Mommy I really like your dress. Really. 
Who is this person? Since when has she been able to formulate real sentences. Haven’t her sentences always consisted of two-three words? Sentences like go now and where’s juice? 
This tiny human is now turning into a fully functioning member of the universe. She has opinions and concerns. She worries about things like Z Money’s nap and whether I buckled her up correctly. She proudly declares that she’s just had a really long day and would prefer to drink her milk in bed.
Mommy! She’s my baby sister. I have to take care of her you silly goose. 
Silly goose indeed.